Thomas Hansen, 1976 - 2007

This is a fanpage dedicated to the Norwegian artist St. Thomas, also known as Thomas Hansen, born in Oslo on February 13th 1976. Battling with addictions, and self-medicating his own inner demons, Thomas was sadly found passed away in his Oslo apartment on September 10th 2007. He was only 31 years old.

From 2000 until 2006, St. Thomas released six albums and became a successful artist in Norway and throughout Europe. His third album, "Hey Harmony," debuted on the Norwegian album charts as Number Two, and he was due to record his seventh album at the time of his death.

This fanpage was created in 2002, with the aim of putting forward as much information about St. Thomas as possible, both the good sides and the bad. Not much has been changed since Thomas passed away:

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The artwork used for the page design originally created for Saint Thomas by Andreas Tellefsen, Tundragroup and Thomas Hansen. Please do not copy.