Links: Some webpages dedicated to Saint Thomas are listed here.
  Official Saint Thomas Page, updated by Thomas himself.
  Official Racing Junior page.
  Herman Düne, Thomas' favorite band.[...]
  Official Virgin Records Germany page.
  Fan page made by Thomas' uncle.
  Saint Thomas media at Dutch 3VOOR12.
  Some old information about Thomas here.
  Darjeeling Sounds' old Saint Thomas page.

Labels and resources: Saint Thomas' labels, and other resources. - Racing Junior - Track & Field - Trocadero Records - Spunk Records - Saint Thomas sponsor - Virgin Records Germany
  Saint Thomas distribution in Germany. - Labels France
  Saint Thomas distribution in France. - Universal Music Norway
  Saint Thomas distribution in Norway and Sweden. - Darjeeling Sounds
  Released early Saint Thomas album, "Surfer's Morning." - Krank Diskoz
  Released early Saint Thomas seven inch, "Songs," as Krank Records.

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