Articles: Awesome (OOR - 2002)

Things can go fast. Even if it takes years. For example the second CD I'm coming home by St. Thomas, the alt. country project from the Norwegian singer-songwriter Thomas Hansen. Which was at first planned for October last year. But Hansen was offered a contract from the City Slang label, which postponed the release a few months. Because of this, in interviews, the creator of the album rather talks about new developments for his next album. 'All the more', explains the extremely friendly and gentle Norwegian, 'most of the songs on I'm Coming Home date even prior to my debut album Mysterious Walks.' This is why. Hansen - who's a mailman - started recording songs about five years ago in his bedroom. 'In those days, I listened a lot to the home-made recordings by people like Will Oldham, which inspired me to do the same. Creating melodies with a guitar and an old four-track recorder. Working for days on a specific song, and, when completed, proudly listen to it again and again.' To widen his view Hansen went looking for like-minded souls to start a band with, named Emily Lang. 'Because, together one learns faster, and to become better. But I seemed to be the only one who emerged as a songwriter. That's why at one time I was writing songs for my solo album as well as for the band. This was going so well that I decided to keep everything for myself.' Goodbye Emily Lang. For Hansen songwriting emerges from uncertainty. 'People always thought I was strange. I was always very undetermined. Didn't really know what to do with myself. I was always teased in school because of that. Which enforced loneliness.' The usual story of an outsider. But who reads Hansens remarkably sincere texts, realizes that these known stories can still be moving. 'In Walk With Me, which is on Mysterious Walks, I really try to convince people that they should come to me. That I'm not dangerous. The success of the album did strengthen me. Therefore the texts on I'm Coming Home - which were written later than the music - have a lot more humor in them. My next album will be' - just to talk about that one also - 'a lot more uplifting. More pop music. And maybe even danceable. I'm anxious of recording it.' I'm Coming Home concludes a certain period in Hansens life. Because he has lived in Berlin for the past two years. 'To get inspiration, because little happens in Norway. After my solo tour I will return to my hometown. Which explains the title.' But on the day of this interview word got out that he will be supporting label mates Lambchop on their next European tour. Also that band was so impressed by his work that they have already offered him a guest role on their next album. Alas Thomas, going home and recording songs is not yet an option for you. And no way that those Norwegians will ever get the mail. People, what a happening!

ROGER TEELING - (English translation by MARC VERHEES).

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