Articles: ST. THOMAS "I'm Coming Home" (Magnet - June 2002)

I'm Coming Home

Well, if this don't cotton-pickin' beat all! A Norwegian combo turns the tables on Cowboy In Sweden, the 1970 soundtrack Lee Hazlewood cut with Nina Lizell (the Nordic Nancy Sinatra), by taking a whack at American-gothic electric-folk music. Armed with Neil Young's harmonica and quavery falsetto, St. Thomas' main sled dog Thomas Hansen also borrows just the right bits and pieces from Palace's Will Oldham and Sparklehorse's Mark Linkous. Once you get accustomed to Hansen's thick-as-cheese Norwegian accent, not even the occasional lyrical stinkbomb - "Oh, there are horses everyhwere / Little dogs barking at the chair" ("The Cool Song") or "When it's time for a time to kill / I will go for my pill" ("Take A Dance With Me") - stands in the way of the gravitaional pull of this curiously addictive record. St. Thomas' recent chart success in its native land is comparable to America striking gold 30 years ago in the U.S. with the Young-like anthen "Horse With No Name." It goes to show that even Neil Young Lite is a strong enough brew to buckle the knees of most people. [Misra,]


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