Articles: Review ( - May 2002)

With his quavering falsetto framed by banjo, fiddle, and harmonica, St. Thomas seems to find his musical home in the mythic realm of Neil Young's After the Gold Rush. Yet the luminously innocent songcraft of Norway's Thomas Hansen never sounds dated and rarely derivative. His playfully creative spirit renders each song a revelation, from the psychedelic swirl of "Oh I Have Left the Ground" to the country-tinged waltz (with Nordic yodel) of "She Married a Cowboy" to the spaghetti-Western twang of "Goodbye Emily Lang" (in homage to Hansen's former band) to the echoes of Elliott Smith on the enigmatic "Cornerman" and primal "Into the Forest." With his first release beyond his homeland, St. Thomas should fare well with fans of indie Americana and others who prize fresh artistry over slick production.


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